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How to achieve Father’s Day legend status - 11 Aussie whiskies for under $100

Finding that perfect gift for Dad is always a challenge - to give him something that shows how much you appreciate him - even his bad jokes, dodgy dance moves and questionable taste in music.

The good news is, with some of the best single malts in the world, a bottle of Australian craft whisky is never going to miss the mark.

And our list of Australian whisky under $100 is bound to delight both Dad and your wallet!

11 Aussie whiskies for under $100

Rich and chocolatey, this silky little number combines the soft smooth elegance of a liqueur with the sharpness of real coffee, all artfully bound together by 100% rye whisky and grappa from one of the world’s most innovative distillers.

Perfect in an espresso martini, chilled over ice as a night cap, over ice cream or even as a caffe corretto to ‘bless’ your coffee.

Shop Belgrove Black Rye Coffee Liqueur here.

Bold yet straight forward and approachable, Ned is the perfect prime mover in your favourite whisky cocktail. Old fashioneds, Manhattans and even boulevardiers will come out beautifully with this slightly sweet, slightly coconutty dram from Melbourne.

Shop Ned Australian Whisky here.

Named Two-Fold for its wheat and barley make-up, this whisky is beautifully smooth, balancing vanilla and tropical fruit with spices and sharp red berry notes.

This is a whisky to enjoy neat or on ice, but also operates well with a splash of tonic water. Move over gin, your time is up!

Shop Starward Two-Fold Double Grain here.

Every whisky lover should experience ‘new spirit’. This is the purest form of whisky before it goes into barrels, and to be able to taste 100% rye before it meets wood is quite something.

From legendary distiller Peter Bignell, this spirit has a peppery smokiness from the rye that lengthens out into full-bodied fruitiness and a creamy mouthfeel.

This whisky will take a bloody Mary to a different galaxy. And as a boilermaker with a good IPA, you can’t go wrong here.

Shop Belgrove White Rye here.

Some may say it’s sacrilege, but the combination of cask-strength Australian whisky tempered by pure cold-drip coffee creates a rich blend of berries, poached apple, caramelised sugar and nougat.

This blend of single malt whisky from Sydney’s celebrated distillery Archie Rose and Wide Awake’s award-winning cold-drip coffee from acclaimed Melbourne roasters ST. ALi is perfect in a boulevardier or sublime in an Irish coffee.

Shop ST. ALi x Archie Rose Blasphemy Coffee Whisky here.

Straight rye whisky is a wonderful thing and this rye really proves my point. Taking its lead from a great North American classic, this whisky is full of the spice and depth of flavour you want from a rye.

Magnificent in a Manhattan but great straight up, Gospel’s Straight Rye is also bold enough to stand up to ginger ale in a highball too.

Shop The Gospel Whiskey Straight Rye here.

This easy-going single malt from the Riverina town of Corowa, NSW speaks of the gents that make this dram. Fun and fine-mannered, it’s a whisky that’s the perfect sipper and is still smooth at the slightly higher ABV of 46%.

A drop or two of water to open the floral and rich tropical fruit notes, Corowa Characters is a great example of Aussie whisky.

Shop Corowa Characters Single Malt here.

The Morris family have been making fortified wines in Rutherglen since 1859, so putting their ex-muscat casks to good use with their whiskies makes perfect sense. The result is a beautifully potbellied whisky - rich, bold and full of toffee, marzipan, dark berry and deep floral notes.

This single malt is just the ticket for a fireside sip as evening draws in.

Shop Morris Signature Single Malt Whisky here.

Mirroring the bold oaky notes of the ex-Australian red wine casks it’s aged in, Starward Nova also displays plenty of vanilla and spice coupled with juicy red berries and ripe orchard fruit.

Great in classic cocktails like sours, sazeracs and old fashioneds, the Nova is also made for a neat sip.

Shop Starward Nova Single Malt Whisky here.

Blending three different grains (barley, rye and corn) and using an unusually tall copper still, Dugite have created a wonderfully drinkable whisky here.

Made in the Great Southern, Australia’s biggest wine region, this Western Australian whisky is a move away from its neighbouring vineyards. Instead of using ex-wine casks, Dugite is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, adding sweetness and vanilla to the spice from the rye and nuttiness from the barley.

This is an easy-drinking everyday whisky, perfect for a manhattan or a whisky sour.

Shop Dugite Whiskey here.

From the first distillery to operate in Sydney since 1853 comes this bright newmake rye. Full of the spices and sweetness of rye without the nuances that barrel-ageing brings, this white rye is a fascinating spirit.

Notes of fresh sourdough toast and vanilla are bolstered by an impressive 50% ABV, which adds warmth and extra texture.

Archie Rose’s White Rye is a lot of fun just on the rocks, but also adds a wonderful complexity to cocktails. Try it in a sazerac or old fashioned, or transform your boulevardier into something quite profound.

Shop Archie Rose White Rye here.


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