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This blended whisky is produced by skilfully combining a secret recipe of premium single malt whisky with mixed grain whisky, before being aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of three years.


Crafted at Great Southern Distillery's site at Porongurup WA, it’s hard to beat the quality of elements essential to whisky that are found in the region: the water is pure, the air is warm and clean, the grain is rich. 

Dugite Whiskey - named after the deadly yet rather shy endemic snake of the southwest - is humble but bold, crafted for the everyday Australian drinker.


With aromas of fresh clean malted barley, summer stone fruits with pears and sweet honey, and flavours of light summer fruit, Dugite Whiskey has a delicate finish with a hint of spiciness balanced with a touch of beeswax and sweet honey nectar.

Dugite Whiskey 700mL 40%



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