5 ways to get into the Aussie craft Christmas spirit

With December 25 looming ever larger on the horizon, these 5 Christmas gift ideas will save you from the inevitable shop dash and bring a big smile to the faces of the ones you love.

As it starts to dawn on us just how close Christmas is, we begin to look about us searching for ideas for the perfect gift for our nearest and dearest.

We pat our pockets, doom-scroll Etsy and charge fruitlessly from shop to shop.

Well, get ready to wake from that Christmas gift nightmare. In fact, you’ll want to pinch yourself because you’ll think you’ve fallen asleep again and started a new, lovely dream about discovering the perfect gifts for all your friends and family - well, those of drinking age anyway.

Here are 5 perfect gifts to get into the Aussie craft spirit of Christmas.

1. Craft gin advent calendar

Brimming with 25 x 30ml bottles of unique, rare, unsung or limited edition gins, this Aussie craft gin advent calendar is genius.

The clever folk at White Possum have created a gin tasting masterclass with over two dozen different gins to experience, each behind its own little door. The front is a design by local artist and cartoonist Jess Harwood.

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One to shop for sooner rather than later (though catching up will mean you’re legally allowed to open more than one bottle a day), this is the ultimate way to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas.

2. Gift sets like Starward Distillery’s three pack

What’s better than one bottle of beautifully handmade Australian craft whisky? Easy: two bottles. And what’s better than two bottles? Even easier: three!

And that’s what you get with Starward’s superb Christmas trio.

Starward have blessed three charming 200ml bottles; one with their famed Two Fold made with both wheat and barley spirits aged in red wine barrels and another with their delicious Nova single malt, full of chocolate, dark fruit and spice.

And finally you’ll find a precious bottle of Starward Fortis - the house’s cask-strength single malt. This powerful creature, matured in American oak ex-red wine barrels, is all about the burnt fig and blackberries, vanilla and ripe fruit.

In the Nip of Courage shop, you’ll also find other gift packs from the likes of Never Never Distillery and its gin threesome,