Which gin for your tonic? 7 Aussie gins to max out your G&T

The humble gin and tonic might seem like the simplest of cocktails, but these 7 Australian craft gins will turn your average G&T into something special.

With over 200 Aussie gins to choose from, picking a favourite bottle in the Nip of Courage store is like trying to choose a favourite child… if you had 200 children. And also presuming you liked them all.

Ok, it’s not a good analogy, but you know what I mean.

So we’ve picked 7 gins that we love putting into a G&T and that transform an ordinary drink into something remarkable.

1. Giniversity Australian Native Gin - $62.00

Giniversity’s easy-going Australian Native Gin is so versatile. Its slightly savoury earthy notes from emu plum and delicate lemon balm notes bring a nuance to a G&T that’s often missed.

Paired with a light summery tonic with a Mediterranean blend will let this gin do its best work. The perfect refreshing drink for a hot day.

2. Little Lon Proudfoot Gin - $65.00

Bold juniper notes put their best Proudfoot forward in this complex yet balanced style of gin. Rich herbaceous rosemary, bay and pine flavours push past the aromatics and sweetness of the tonic leading to a refreshing yet satisfying G&T.

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary piercing a slice of lemon and plenty of ice for a drink that works on a hot day as much as an after-dinner settler.

3. Threefold Mediterranean Gin - $67.00

With botanicals like green olives, capers, basil and lemon in its arsenal, Threefold’s Mediterranean Gin has salinity, sweetness, sharpness and umami in spades.

You don’t need to be picky choosing a tonic to go with this gin as its flavour profile will suit most, though a Mediterranean tonic makes sense.

4. Stone Pine Rhubarb Gin - $70.00

Bright, lively and juniper forward, Stone Pine’s gins are already the perfect