5 Aussie Spirits for Gin Drinkers Who Don’t Like Juniper

Flavour, texture, character and spice - probably not things you associate with vodka.

But these Aussie masterpieces not only push the boundaries of vodka and close the gap on gin, but bring a whole new category of spirits to life.

Vodka has been about for quite some time. First written records go back to 15th Century Poland and other evidence goes back further than that.

But these days, the democratisation of booze means vodka is a truly international spirit - perhaps too much so.

Traditionally almost completely odourless and flavourless, vodka is a versatile addition to drinks but is often thought of as just a way to make cocktails stronger or non-alcoholic drinks ‘hard’.

And while other spirits have enjoyed the advent of the craft distiller movement, vodka has had to rely on celebrities and the impressive marketing power of corporations.

It’s a real shame. But things are about to change.

Consumers are beginning to realise that carefully crafted vodka can have the same nuance and texture of any other high-quality spirit. In fact, depending on how the distiller develops the vodka, its body and flavour can be profound.

These Aussie creations really push the boundaries on the vodka category, and they stick an elbow in gin’s back too.

After all, vodka is really just gin without the juniper.

The question is are we at the point where perhaps we should be calling these spirits by a new name entirely?

5 Aussie spirits that are way more than just vodka

1. Stone Pine Distillery’s Native Citrus Vodka

Infused with fresh finger limes, this high-purity wheat spirit is pot distilled to capture the unique flavour of this native citrus fruit in a silky smooth, premium vodka.

With its zesty lime and citrus notes, a warm peppery finish and a silky smooth alcohol delivery, this vodka is best served neat from the freezer, in a Bloody Mary, vodka soda or martini.

Learn more about Stone Pine Distillery here.

2. Karu Distillery’s Morita Chipotle Vodka

Along with a number of other floral and fragrant botanicals that make this remarkable spirit, Karu have distilled the might and depth of Mexican chipotle with meco and morita chillies.

The result is about as far from a bland, basic vodka as you can get. Rather than just an addition to a cocktail, this vodka is the cocktail.

Read our full review of the Morita here.

3. Hartshorn Distillery’s Peat Smoked Vodka