Drink in the romance - 5 Aussie tipples for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all roses and chocolates; there’s still plenty of space left for a beautiful drink! These 5 Aussie spirits are perfect for celebrating the most romantic day of the year with the one you love.

Trying to think of Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t boring, cliched or exorbitantly expensive is so hard. You want something new, interesting and above all something your other half will actually enjoy.

We’ve put together a quick list of Aussie spirits that not only taste amazing but look the part for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Not only are these spirits all delicious and beautiful to look at, they’re also all handcrafted by Australian distillers. Buying these products means you’re supporting the local industry, which is so important.

Stone Pine Distillery - Rhubarb Gin

Using fresh rhubarb, Stone Pine Distillery has created a fresh, bright alternative to their London dry style gin.

Both the vibrant orangey pink colour and sharp lively flavour come from the fresh rhubarb in this excellent gin.

How to use Stone Pine Rhubarb Gin

For the gin and tonic lover, this is a godsend. A generous pour (it’s only 25% ABV) of Rhubarb Gin, plenty of ice, a good-quality tonic, a garnish of lemon peel and a sprig of rosemary and you’re in heaven.

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery - Jim Love’s Strawberry Schnapps

Made with strawberries from the Timboon Distillery market garden, this sweet aromatic schnapps is a spirit-forward bounty of freshness.

How to use Timboon Strawberry Schnapps

Like most schnapps, you can drink this one over ice, but it works even better in a glass of sparkling (what could be more romantic than pink bubbles?) or with soda and a wedge of lime.

Antipodes Distillery - Organic Pink Gin

The beautiful pearlescent hue of this pink gin comes from ruby red grapefruit, and its flavour profile from a host of Aussie native botanicals like Kakadu plum and strawberry gum.

Antipodes Distillery is also carbon neutral and makes certified organic spirits. Nothing sexier than the environment.

How to use Antipodes Organic Pink Gin

This is an aromatic, dry style of gin, perfect in a classic martini. It does the hard work in a terrific G&T and even goes in a spritz or with soda water. Meanwhile its pretty pink tones make this gin hard to refuse on Feb 14.

Rhubi Mistelle

The incredibly vibrant red colour of this remarkable spirit comes purely from fermented fresh Aussie rhubarb. The juice is blended with other botanicals like juniper, gentian, grapefruit and mandarin skins to create a well-balanced, moreish drink whose style goes back a least 600 years.

You can read more about Rhubi and exactly what a mistelle is here.

How to use Rhubi Mistelle