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7 Pink Gins For When Things Get Racy!

Picture it for a moment: you’re on the patio with your amore. It’s a hot steamy night. You breathe in the humidity and Gang Gajang plays on the radio.

It’s times for gin and tonic, but one that’ll cool the blood but raise the pulse too.

It’s pink gin time!

You bring out the two pink drinks, condensation running down the bulging balon glasses, dripping between your fingers, the ice knocking against the garnish.

Tonight is a pink gin night.

And these are the gins to make it.


Starting bright pink in the bottle then turning a pearlescent hue as you add the tonic, it’s obvious why pink gin is so popular.

And the way Aussie craft distillers make their gin blush with different botanicals—everything from fresh rhubarb and strawberries to native blood root and rosella—it's enough to make you shift in your seat and your pupils dilate.

Importantly though, these gins are not overly sweet or sugary. Very different to many mass-produced pink gins on the international market.

From Bathurst NSW, this seasonal gin is the combination of the unique tart flavour and vibrant colour of fresh rhubarb, with Stone Pine Distillery's Dry Gin to produce a wonderfully natural pink gin.

Mirroring the stunning coastline of WA’s southwest, Esperance Distilling’s pink gin uses three unique hand-foraged botanicals in its flavour a colour profiles: Esperance wax, lemon bush and rosella. A small-batch gin using locally-sourced spring water and carbon-neutral bottles.

This WA gin is special not only because it’s a pink gin made with foraged berries, but also because it’s been barrel-aged in Margaret River Shiraz wine casks, which bring in flavours of oak and sandalwood. Delicious!

A citrus-forward gin, this little number gets its pinkness from grapefruit, pomegranate, blood orange, lemon and—best of all—organic rose petals, which just adds to the romance of this gin. It’s also very on-brand as the distillery is in Rosebud, VIC!

The stars of this show are fresh strawberries and raspberries. In fact they’re in the spotlight twice. The double hit of berries, plus plenty of Hungarian juniper and a touch of coconut sugar creates a fresh yet satisfying spirit.

Original Spirit Co’s Ginfusion range generally and their Pink Grapefruit with Pomegranate Gin specifically shows how fruit and herbs can create an extra accent on an already great gin. This Mornington Peninsula distillery uses their Classic Dry Gin as the base for this pink beauty.

Possibly Australia’s most remote distillery, Hoochery in the Kimberley Region in northwest WA harnesses its proximity to, well, nowhere (apart from the botanicals they forage and farm) to create a remarkable spirit.

Wild mango, native white currant, native lemongrass and boab leaves create this gin's superb flavour while native blood root provide its beautiful Provençal rosé-esque colour.


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