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Who are we and what the hell do we know about Aussie craft spirits?

What stemmed from a gin martini has turned into a beautiful devotion - and the more we learn about Australian craft spirits, the harder we fall for the industry.

Hi! We are Jimmy and Christina, and we’re from travel and lifestyle site Mr & Mrs Romance. We have been writing about booze and travel for quite a few years now, but working with Nip of Courage really is the best of both worlds.

Australia is an awesome country to explore, and knowing that tucked away among the eucalypts are little distilleries turning out world-class spirits makes it all the more exciting.

Mr and Mrs Romance

But it was the brain and architect behind Nip of Courage, Kathleen Davies, who lit our torch for Aussie craft spirits and pointed us in the right direction.

We first met Kath in Sydney’s preeminent gin bar The Barbershop whilst being gently coaxed into trying more Aussie gins by the excellent Mikey Enright.

The next thing I know, I’m sitting opposite Ian Glen - one of the industry’s true gentlemen and the genius behind Stone Pine Distillery in Bathurst. Kath was showcasing Ian’s then brand new black spiced rum - Dead Man’s Drop.

This was an Australian first and they gave us the exclusive.

Ian also showed us there’s more to gin than just juniper. His intelligent use of native botanicals and unique ingredients like black truffles, orange blossoms and even hops from a local IPA deepened our appreciation for the copper stills and clever hands of Aussie distillers.

Kath also introduced us to the fascinating Peter Bignell of Tasmania’s Belgrove Distillery. Known for being the greenest distiller in the world, Peter’s various spirits - especially his peated rye, another first - are works of art and ingenuity.

Since then, Christina and I have visited many Aussie distilleries and wondered at the alchemy of it all. Every still is different, every spirit unique; the creative science behind each one drives us ever on to learn, to taste, to marvel.

Supporting Australian craft distillers, who are often based in remote and regional areas, doesn’t only give us the opportunity to understand more about this broad land. It allows us to enjoy the true nature and flavour of spirits as they should be.

Join us for more stories from the stills and real life reviews of how to enjoy Australian craft spirits.


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