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Taste Test: Seven Seasons Distillery’s Green Ant Gin

Our Taste Test tries the Green Ant Gin by Seven Seasons Distilling, which has harnessed the tens of thousands of years of knowledge gathered by the Larrakia People of the Northern Territory.

About Seven Seasons Distilling

From the mind of Daniel Motlop, a proud Larrakia man of the Darwin Region, Seven Seasons is a spirit representation of the seven distinct times of year that the traditional people of the area recognise.

Dry and wet seasons—even spring, summer, autumn and winter—seem a bit simplistic now, don’t they.

But from these seven seasons—Windy Time, Monsoon Season, Heavy Dew Time, Knock ‘em Down Season, Rainy Season, Bush Fruit Time and The Build Up—Daniel is developing gins, vodkas and other spirits with produce that’s at its best during these times.

To help him source and process these ingredients, Daniel employs local Indigenous people to keep things ethical and sustainable, but also to maintain that sense of place.

About the bottle

The most striking thing about Seven Seasons’ Green Ant Gin is, of course, the handful of green bush ants immersed in the bottle.

It’s fascinating to see them, these tiny green invertebrates. And if you’re lucky to get on in your drink, you’ll see why they’re used as a botanical; they have a sharp lime flavour along with a slightly nutty savoury note.

In beautiful gold type on the rich dark green of the label, you can also read more about Windy Time and why the green ants are so important spiritually—pun intended.

Key botanicals

Obviously, this gin has green bush ants, which are added before and after distillation, and juniper on its list.

But there’s also boobialla native juniper, strawberry gum, lemon myrtle and pepper berry involved in this unique gin.

Tasting notes

Floral and sweet notes meet the nose as well as the effects of the strawberry gum, and the earthy spice of pepper berry and juniper close it all off.

There’s plenty of oomph in this gin as you first taste it and it’s not as citrus forward as you’d expect. At first.

Floral flavours and a mellow sweetness start things off and then at a certain point, the strawberry gum finds its way to the front.

Finally, the citrus zing comes through at the end, touching the tip of your tongue and playing with the heat of the eucalyptus and the 42% ABV.

Serving suggestions

Seven Seasons’ Green Ant Gin is a G&T masterstroke. Daniel recommends a garnish of makrut lime leaf or fresh finger lime, and just let the gin punch through the tonic.

This gin would also make a great Southside and I’m keen to try it out in a negroni too.


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