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After three years of development and 11 years of growing the pink finger lime trees on the farm, Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co's new baby is finally ready to be enjoyed!


Deep Dark Red Finger Lime Gin is an intense gin of bold, dark flavours accentuated with the exquisite pops of magically suspended red finger lime caviar. The pink finger limes that the distillery uses for this gin have pearls that pop in your mouth when you bite them, releasing an aromatic citrussy burst of 40% alcohol gin, different to the gingery-hibiscus gin they are suspended in.


Hibiscus, ginger and a medly of Hawkesbury grown citrus make this an incredibly versatile gin. Enjoy neat over ice, with your favourite tonic or ginger ale/ginger beer or use it for cocktails. If you love Wild Hibiscus Flower Co's original Finger Lime Gin, then this one will take you to a completely new level on the path to gin-lightenment!

Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Deep Dark Red Finger Lime Gin 750mL 40%



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