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From the mid 1800s, the name Collins had a big impact on the cocktail industry. In the 1860s, waiter John Collins was busy serving a sweetly sharp blend of gin and lemon, topped off with fizzing soda, to the libertines of London. Across the Atlantic, the great Tom Collins hoax of 1874 had New Yorkers chasing an imaginary man across the city for want of a cocktail.

For Vickers, Mr Collins is their Head Distiller, and he has expertly blended their signature London Dry Gin with distilled lemons, ready to mix for a classic Collins cocktail.

Lead by aromas of classic juniper berries and sharp, sweet lemon the palate is a perfectly balanced blend of gin and lemon with a hint sweetness to round out the finish.

Vickers Mr Collins 700mL 23%

$32.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price


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