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Bottled at 46% ABV, Morris Sherry Barrel is a mature style single malt whisky that highlights the perfect balance of oak, malt and sherry barrel influence.


Maturated in a combination of French and American oak ex-Australian red wine casks and finished in barrels that have held our Morris of Rutherglen 10yr-Aged Amber Apera (Sherry).


The Aged Amber is a full flor fino, produced predominantly from the Palomino grape. It exhibits a drier style, showing elegance and complexity from years of long-term aging in cask, making it a beautiful compliment to the whisky. 


The result is a well integrated and very approachable Australian single malt which the broad whisky consumer can embrace.


COLOUR: Tiger-eye gemstone with copper highlights

NOSE: Spun toffee, baked fruit flan with peach compote and fresh sherry cask notes

PALATE:  It has a unique Rutherglen character of being produced from all Australian ingredients and finished in Morris of Rutherglen award winning Apera casks. Producing a well-structured whisky with subtle spice, toasted nut and clean oak characters

FINISH: Delicious, candied lemon with gentle sage and marjoram herbal profile.

Morris Sherry Barrel Whisky 700mL 46%



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