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This impressive handcrafted gin from Kings Cross Distillery is an overproof navy strength spirit sitting at a powerful 59% ABV. 


Minerva Warrior Strength Gin is infused with lemon thyme and fennel. In traditional medicine, these elements evoke courage and, combined with other traditional gin botanicals, have resulted in an elegant juniper aroma, a complex bouquet of citrus and spice, with a refreshing smooth finish of native Australian rivermint.


This gin is made using premium grade grape based neutral spirit. The juniper is macerated in the pot and more fresh juniper is added to the vapour basket together with the other botanicals.

Minerva Warrior Strength Gin is named after Minerva, the Roman Goddess of arts, crafts, medicine, wisdom and war. 

Kings Cross Minerva Warrior Strength Gin 500mL 59%



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