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Jance Distillery's Honey Spirit is a celebration of the vibrant floral notes of honey, which bursts on the nose and palate to create a rich, smooth finish. Handcrafted and distilled exclusively from premium, locally sourced Australian honey, Jance Distillery focuses on quality and flavour at every stage in the distilling process to ensure the brightest notes of the honey remain.


The resulting spirit offers hints of floral Christmas spices, ripe melon and citrus. To be enjoyed on its own at room temperature, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail, this versatile spirit will allow you to experience honey like you never have before!


This product is a new take on what can be done with natures sugars and is produced with 100% ethically sourced and producedAustralian honey.

Jance Distillery Honey Spirit 700ml 40%



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