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The HM No 2 Woodcutter Gin has a distinct flavour that is like nothing you’ve tasted before. Father-and-daughter duo Gavin and Amy Shaw have developed this gin by experimenting with not only the botanicals they use but also the way in which they make gin.

For the base of the Woodcutter the Shaws use the highest purity alcohol available in Australia and juniper berries sourced from Hungary. Coriander, coconut sugar and finely cut locally grown lemon myrtle then go into the mix. The botanical basket is filled with fresh lemons and limes, which infuse the gin vapours. The resultant concentrated gin has a full citrus taste and is distilled with an average ABV of 79%.

The gin is then stored in stainless-steel tanks. French oak spirals are added giving the Woodcutter Gin its natural honey colour. The oak further balances the botanical flavours for a richly smooth finish that is delicious to taste.

HM No 2 The Woodcutter Gin 500mL 43%



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