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Allow yourself to be led by the allure of Dark Lark Single Malt Whisky, through a curious portal to the bottom of the world where darkness gives rise to revelry. Where shorter days just means we take more from the night, where the light of exaltation emerges from winter’s depths.


Dark Lark is a feast for the senses, an indulgent elixir that burns brightly in the shadows. So gather in revelry and raise a glass to the night, letting this Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky light your way.


Nose: Bright and fresh tropical fruits laced with freshly baked cookies and subtle oak

Palate: Viscous and syrupy sultana arrival followed by deep mocha and caramel

Finish: Clean and moreish, with a tropical crescendo and lingering malt

Dark Lark Single Malt Whisky 2023 500mL 42%



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