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A smooth, aromatic Australian single malt with maritime influences from the Sydney coast, Manly Spirits' Coastal Stone Nor-Easter Whisky is a grain-to-glass artisanal craft spirit. 


Ex-wine casks from the Barossa, and classic American and French oak barrels, as well as perfectly malted barley have given this whisky a beautiful profile. Aromas of stone fruits, golden apples, floral notes, rich chocolate, and a mild hint of vanilla and honey are followed by a wealth of flavours. 


You'll taste panna cotta roundness, pear notes, chocolate, and five-spice present at first with fine subtle tannins from the oak with a long, rich, smooth, clean finish in spite of the delightfully creamy - almost custardy - texture as you drink.


The uniqueness of this whisky is presented in its bottle too, with custom etching on the glass as if eroded by the waves of its Nothern Beaches home, and a stopper made from real Sydney sandstone adds so much to this delightful whisky.

Coastal Stone Whisky Nor'Easter 700mL 46%



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