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Expertly distilled in 36 Short Distillery's 1,200-litre copper pot still ‘Pando’, then transferred to locally sourced Shiraz barrels for a rich, peppery flavour. This was followed by further resting in Kentucky bourbon barrels to add complexity with smooth fruity notes, and then finally returned to the Shiraz barrels to complete the maturation process.

This whisky is sweet and fruity on the nose, with tart lime marmalade notes. There's also a faint aroma of fresh cut pine and tropical fruit that adds a delicate malt finish.


To taste, 36 Short's Single Malt Whisky starts with a warm roundness encompassing the dram with characters of a tangy dried fruit medley. Hints of vanilla bean take you on a long, sweet fruity journey ending in a beautiful long finish with a taste of dried mixed fruit. Lingering with notes of apricot and peaches with a warming finish.

36 Short Single Malt Whisky 500mL 45%



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