Taste Test – Timboon Railway Shed Distillery’s Smoky 1881 single malt Australian peated whisky

This Taste Test travels to one of the most recognisable coastlines in Australia for a sip of something rare: a peated Australian single malt whisky. This is Timboon Distillery’s Smoky 1881.

About Timboon Railway Shed Distillery

Just up the road from the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, owner-distiller Josh Walker has been crafting superb single malt whisky from his beautiful distillery since 2014.

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery makes two other iterations of its whisky; its flagship Port Expression Single Malt and the Christie’s Cut cask-strength as well as a range of liqueurs and a limited-release gin.

All spirits here are, as you’d expect, carefully hand-crafted and meticulously tested to bring the best flavours to the bottle.

You can read more about Timboon Distillery and Josh Walker’s journey to distilling here.

About the bottle

Timboon's Smoky 1881 Australian single malt whisky. There’s a lot to unpack in the name of this whisky that gives us clues about what’s in the bottle.

First of all – and perhaps most importantly – is it’s an Australian single malt whisky. This means Josh has used, as with all his whiskies, only one type of malted grain - Australian grown barley -for this spirit.

It’s called Smoky; that’s because the malted barley has also been roasted over smouldering peat in the same process used in places like Islay in Scotland to produce that iconic smoked flavour.

Finally, 1881 is a reference to Tom Delaney, one of the most notorious distillers in the region over 140 years ago.

Records show that 1881 was when Tom first began his forays into the then shady world of crafting Australian spirits.

This whisky is a nod to Tom’s legacy and the fascinating story of his gambits at evading the lawman DI John Christie, who was hellbent on putting a stop to his distilling.

Grain and barrel

Taking inspiration from traditional Scottish distilling techniques, all Timboon’s whisky is made using malted Australian barley and nothing else. The barley for the Smoky 1881 is also roasted over peat, which imparts a gentle smokiness.

From the two magnificent copper stills, whisky is moved to barrels, coopered in-house at the distillery.

These are predominantly heavily charred American and French oak casks that once held tawny port.

The whisky stays in here for at least three years and up to 10 to age and develop the signature flavours of a true Timboon Railway Shed Distillery single malt.