Taste Test - Hobart Whisky’s Signature Tasmanian Single Malt

A Taste Test of Tasmanian whisky was always going to end in smiles, but this little-known distillery in its eponymous hometown of Hobart had us really grinning. Hobart Distillery’s Signature is a whisky that’s made to satisfy.

About Hobart Distillery

It’s amazing that Australia’s smallest state produces so many incredible whiskies, and Hobart Distillery is no exception. This family-owned a run distillery has been producing whisky since 2015.

Perhaps not as well-known as some other Tasmanian distilleries, Hobart was in fact one of the first dozen to get started on the island.

And now that Australian whisky is getting more attention, there’s little doubt that Hobart Distillery will be a name - and whisky - on everyone’s lips.

About the bottle

Everything about Hobart Distillery’s Signature is built to satisfy. The bottle is squat and heavy, the finish to the label luxurious, and the cork stopper and timber top make a pleasing ‘domp!’ as you open the bottle.

Each bottle has an individually marked sticker telling you which batch the whisky’s from, the unique bottle number from the batch (this one is bottle 160 of 275) and also when the whisky was bottled.

It’s these little touches that make all the difference.

The bottle also comes in a presentation tube that makes this whisky the perfect gift.

Grain and barrel

Using Tasmanian barley, Hobart Distillery age the majority of their spirits in ex-Bourbon American oak casks - the Signature included.

However, they do also finish some limited release whisky in other types of barrel like ex-fortified wine and beer casks, which allows this distillery to be traditional yet diverse and experimental at the same time.

Tasting notes