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How to Get Your Coronation Special Edition Bottle of King Sausage Fingers Negroni

Whether it’s commemorative, celebratory, derisory or just cos you love good negronis, this special edition 1litre bottle of Aussie Craft Negroni—pre-mixed for your pleasure—is all about King Sausage Fingers and his shiny new crown!

King Sausage Fingers Negroni - 1000ml pre-mix negroni cocktail

Just as the Democracy Sausage salutes the moment of a new election, so the weirdly giant fingers of Britain’s new monarch will soon clasp his long-awaited crown on May 6th 2023.

What better way to witness history—the coronation of King Charles III—than having a king-sized bottle of King Sausage Fingers Australian Craft Negroni in your own cabanossi clutches.

Using only the finest Australian craft gin, Nip of Courage has mixed up the supremely balanced negroni cocktail in preparation for King Charles’ big day.

The sweet, bitter, herbal and boozy flavours of a negroni from equal parts Aussie craft gin, red vermouth and Campari hit the four corners of the taste spectrum. And that’s why it’s known in bars around the world as the king of cocktails; a most fitting drink to see in the new regent.

But even if you’re not into the coronation, this incredible 1000ml bottle of delicious drink is the ideal party starter. So here’s to King Charlie and his delightful devon-shaped digits.

Disclaimer: no sausages were harmed in the making of this negroni.


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