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How much tonic do you put with craft gin?

Gin and tonic. It’s a match well made, and one that’s stood the test of time. In fact, there aren’t many drinks as easy to make and yet so refreshing as a gin and tonic. Its zing and zeal tingle the tastebuds, brighten the palate and cool the blood.

And thanks to the craft gin revolution, there’s so much more to be said for a good ol’ G&T.

The trouble is, are we saturating the delicate flavours and nuances of these beautifully made, handcrafted gins with too much tonic?

How much tonic do you put in a G&T?

First up, it’s important to remember than not all tonics are made equal. And while it’s worth investing in a high-quality tonic like Capi, Fever Tree or the excellent mixers from Artisan, sometimes Schweppes still does the job.

Supermarket homebrands usually aren’t a good idea though.

Top tip: you don’t have to have just tonic. Adding a dash of soda water dilutes some of the stronger flavours in tonic and allows the gin to ‘speak’ louder.

The other important thing to remember is that gin and tonic was meant to be a short drink. So while tall glasses make your G&T last longer, you’re probably not getting the most out of your gin.

In a short glass, a 1:5 ratio of gin to tonic (so one 30ml measure of gin with 150ml of tonic) is all you’ll fit after ice and garnish. And that’s about the amount of tonic most gins can stand up to.

In a taller glass, add soda water (it won’t water down your gin, don’t worry) or just pour more gin. Or both!

What gin are you drinking?

The amount tonic you put in your G&T depends on your gin and its flavour profiles.

The Journey from Imbue Distillery comes alive with tonic and a drop of soda. The gin’s spicy apple and juniper really shine.

Sympatico Double-Hopped IPA gin – a clever collaboration between Stone Pine Distillery and Badlands Brewery - develops even more complexity in its layers with a gentle tonic. And the tonic’s bitterness goes well with the gin’s hoppy citrus notes.

Karu Distillery’s Lightning navy strength gin can stand up to a bit more tonic. They’ve double-downed on juniper here and the herbaceous elegance of the gin’s botanicals work with the bitter-sweet of the tonic.

It’s your move!

Finally, it’s also a lot to do with other factors, which can change by the hour. Personal taste, the time of day, the mood you’re in all make a difference.

So this is us giving you permission to go on an extensive (though responsible!) R&D mission. Enjoy.


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