Taste Test: Stone Pine’s Dead Man’s Gold Spiced Rum Review

Our Taste Test series not only talks about the remarkable spirits coming from small Australian craft distilleries, it also highlights fascinating connections with our history and culture.

Stone Pine Distillery is in Bathurst, NSW where Australia’s gold rush era began in the 19th Century.

This distillery’s exquisite spiced gold rum - Dead Man’s Gold - is not only apt for this ore-rich region, it also speaks to an age in Australian history when rum was valued as a currency.

About Stone Pine Distillery

Back in 2015, Stone Pine Distillery released Dead Man’s Drop Black Spiced Rum. It was the first of its kind in Australia, and was (and still is) a superb spirit.

Its lighter sister, Dead Man’s Gold, is the next step in the evolution of the flavours that owner-distiller Ian Glen uses in his spiced rums.

Ian also plays with unique seasonal flavours to add into his spirits.

His Orange Blossom Gin, which harnesses the floral citrus notes of hand-picked flowers from orange trees on the Central Plains, is just one example of his talent.