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Taste Test - 23rd Street Distillery’s Signature Rum

Our Taste Test series opens the window to give you peep at the profiles of some of our favourite Aussie spirit - and maybe even reach in and grab a bottle for yourself.

This time, we’re talking a wonderful rum from 23rd Street Distillery in Renmark, South Australia.

Nip of Courage is proud to have 23rd Street Distillery in our NOC Wholesale portfolio, along with almost 500 lines of other incredible Australian craft spirits available.

About the brand

Since 1914, a range of household-name wineries from Chateau Tanunda to Hardy’s Wine have occupied this spot in the South Australian Riverina. But 102 years later, it’s 23rd Street Distillery’s turn to call it home.

Near the banks of the mighty Murray River, surrounded by grapevines and fruit orchards, the distillers at 23rd Street are more interested in their fine gins, whiskies, brandies and of course rum.

Much of the equipment and facilities the site has accumulated over the last century or so is still in use at 23rd Street Distillery. In fact, the copper pot stills that make the magic here are from the same vintage as the buildings themselves.

But undaunted by the wealth of years beneath their feet, the crafters of this Aussie distillery have been carving out a little of Renmark’s history to call their own since 2016.

About the bottle

Cork-topped and heavy-bottommed, the classic features of 23rd Street Distillery’s Signature Rum hint at the artisan form of the rum inside.

And far from the ‘noble ruffian’ that the distillery bills this rum, the artwork - created by Adelaide-based artist Joshua Searson - suggests a modern, intelligent, thoughtful product within.


This gold rum is tantalising, rich and well-formed. Perfect clarity comes from being double-distilled and the ex first-use-bourbon casks bring a beautiful light copper gold colour.

The rum is in fact aged at cask strength in these barrels before being brought down to bottle strength and ‘re-aged’ in the same casks.

Tasting notes

On the nose, 23rd Street Signature Rum has bright herbaceous fruity aromas with plenty of caramel and vanilla, which end with lavender and soft sugar.

The flavour is quite mild with a light sharpness to begin with. Then a rich, thick mouthfeel comes in and a lovely spiciness.

Stoned fruit and slight woody smokiness join in with the heat, and a balanced acidity keeps the flavours in the mouth for a surprisingly long time.

It’s a very moreish rum with plenty going on.

Serving suggestion

Like all good rums, 23rd Street Distillery’s Signature Rum is a great sipper. A touch of water or a small ice cube is plenty to open up the oils and bring out even more flavour.

Bitters and a little extra sweetness from a simple syrup would elevate it in a rum old fashioned, or similarly a rum negroni (equal parts 23rd Street Rum, Campari and red vermouth plus a half-measure of simple syrup) would be a delicious option for this spirit.


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