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Taste Test: Brogan’s Way Everyday Salvation Gin

As our Taste Test Series scans the country for ever greater and more delicious Aussie craft spirits, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we landed on Brogan’s Way Distillery. This family-run distillery makes some of the most delicious gin we’ve tasted.

About Brogan’s Way Distillery

Hailing from Richmond, VIC, Brogan Carr and her father Simon started crafting their gin in 2018. Since then Brogan’s Way, named after the only way the distillery was ever going to run, has gone from strength to strength.

Their first gin, Everyday Salvation, speaks of the heart and humour of this distillery.

And although Brogan and Simon’s backgrounds both speak to the wonderful precision with which this gin is made (Brogan was a medical lab technician and Simon an engineer), it’s the creativity of this gin that shines through.

Brogan harnesses the unique and tantalising flavours of Aussie botanicals in her gins, something we always love to see.

Brogan’s Way is also a strong promoter of women in distilling, which is also one of our favourite things!

Key botanicals

Brogan’s Way Everyday Salvation Gin creates a complex, pleasing flavour profile with Australian native strawberry gum, pepper berry and roasted wattle seed.

There’s also white grapefruit, coriander seeds, lemon, lavender, rose, orris, angelica root and a very healthy dose of juniper.

Tasting notes

There’s a lot going on with this gin, which is what makes it so brilliantly versatile. But it’s extraordinary how the flavour profiles change - more than usual - between tasting it chilled and just cooler than room temperature.

Either way, the Everyday Salvation has beautiful aromas of spice, earthy juniper, and fresh citrus notes of lime and grapefruit.

To taste, there’s a wonderful pepperiness paired with a salacious juiciness that makes your mouth water.

The smooth almost creaminess of this gin lets its layers melt on the tongue while relaxed herbaceous notes take over the finish as the gin warms up in your mouth.

Serving suggestions

This is such a versatile gin that will go in so many drinks. G&T, martini, negroni - it shines through but plays nicely with others at the same time.

Its earthy yet fruity yet spicy yet smooth profile makes it a gin full of character but an amenable one at the same time.

This is an ‘everyday salvation’ alright, but it’s far from an everyday gin.


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