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A tribute to Women of Australian Distilling: Aussie Gin Cocktails for International Women's Day

The 8th of March is globally known as International Women’s Day and is a date to recognise the successes of women, celebrate the work they have accomplished and encourage their future pursuits.

In the Aussie craft spirit landscape, women distillers are on the rise and to acknowledge their pioneering efforts and promote their work we have brought together some of the women of Australian distilling to create a limited edition Australia Gin cocktail set.

Within these sets are four 100ml pre-package ready to drink cocktails each using gin distilled from women and their associated distillery’s around the country. In combination with Aussie Tipple, each set will contain one of the following cocktails:

Dirty Martini by Sarah Lark of Kangaroo Island Spirits in South Australia using KIS ‘O’Gin’, Regal Rogue ‘Daring Dry’ and Alto ‘Olive Brine’. Enjoy a packet of Alto Martini Olives with your Dirty Martini.

Hanky Panky by Samantha Stefani of Archie Rose in New South Wales using Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin, Regal Rogue ‘Bold Red Vermouth’ and Fernet Branca

Pink Negroni by Holly Klintworth of Bass & Flinders Distillery in Victoria using Bass & Flinders Cerise Gin, Regal Rogue 'Daring Dry Vermouth' & Suze

Aussie Negroni by Rachel Reed of Reed & Co Distillery in Victoria using Reed & Co ‘Remedy Gin’, Causes & Cures ‘Semi Sweet Red Vermouth’ and Applewood's ‘Okar’

Coleman's Academy - Nonprofit Organisation

We will be donating $4.00 from every 4 pack to the Coleman's Academy to help them continue the wonderful work that they are doing in the hospitality industry with females. The Coleman's Academy helps women in the hospitality industry to come together once a month to communicate, inspire, educate and kick ass. Coleman's Academy is a mentoring program aimed at female bartending professionals.


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