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Next to the Sydney Dry, Poor Toms’ Fool Strength moves to an entirely different rhythm. In looking to create a Gin with enough depth and presence to shine in strong cocktails, the more delicate, floral botanicals have been left out. So it’s adios to strawberry gum leaf, Granny Smith apples, lemon myrtle and dried chamomile, and hello to loads of juniper and the earthy tones of liquorice root. The Toms crew use the juniper in three ways: firstly steeped with the spirit overnight, alongside pepper and cardamom; then with coriander seed, angelica root, cinnamon, liquorice and grapefruit just prior to distillation; and for a further, final hit, more is infused via vapour chamber during the spirit run. The result? A rich, pillowy textured offering infused with a massive, punchy intensity thanks to the sheer power of the unfiltered botanical oils. There's something very classic in the spirit's dryness and a hefty, lingering close; it’s spicy, resinous and pithy all at once. Best used in a luxurious Martini with an olive, or shaken into a Last Word, but don't let that limit you! The more ideas the better. Garnish with anything—this powerhouse Gin will embrace whatever you throw at it.  

Poor Toms Fool's Cut Gin 700mL 52%

SKU: 9.37E+12


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