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From the award-winning Tassie distillery, Launceston's Cask Strength Tawny Barrel Whisky has spent its entire maturation time of five long years in ex-tawny (Australian port) casks only to be bottled at a resounding 62%ABV to bring you a something incredible.


While the long maturation in ex-Australian tawny barrels brings you all the delicious dried red fruit, Christmas pudding and spice notes, the high ABV does something extraordinary. Far from making this whisky ‘hot’, it smooths the flavours and allows them to flow over your palate, almost dissolving on your tongue. The finish is extra long here and entices you in for another sip.


From barley to the bottle, this single malt whisky is made entirely under one roof at Hangar 17 in Launceston, Tasmania.

Launceston Distillery Tawny Cask Strength 500mL 63%



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