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Each Bottle of this beautiful Oaked Vodka is hand sprayed black, handwritten and signed by Ryan Hartshorn (Head Distiller) Very Small batches of 17-24 bottles for each batch depending on the bottle size. Creamy sweet nose, velvet body with a smooth attitude to finish. The American oak adds a deeper complexity to the spirit, the sweet nose remains from the base spirit with a finish of deep wood. Upon tasting you are welcomed with a clean full mouthfeel with a smooth but warm reminder you are drinking 50% alc. Rounding out with hints of wild spice, leather and mineral freshness to finish. Super smooth with little heat and plenty of character. Designed to drink straight at room temperature. Serve alone in a large aromatic glass or as a vodka martini with a pair of quality green olives.

Hartshorn Distillery Oaked Whey Vodka 500mL 50%

SKU: 79777 6636587


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