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Davidson plums, desert limes and strawberry gum mean the bittersweet native fruits and zesty botanicals are like a party on your tongue.


The rosy pink colour from native Davidson and Kakadu plums and the cacophonous combination of native currants, strawberries, desert limes, juniper, strawberry gum, and the aforementioned Davidson and Kakadu plums create a delicious zesty, bitter-sweet gin with a long fruity finish.


Goodradigbee's Freshwater Blush is made for a gin and tonic with plenty of ice and a slice of strawberry for garnish.


Its bright pink colour spreads out and dilutes throughout the drink to a beautiful light pearlescent hue, and the tonic adds a dimension that’s fresh and moreish.


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Goodradigbee Freshwater Blush Gin 700mL 43%



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