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Giniversity have collaborated with whisky makers Limeburners - both of whom are part of the Great Southern Distilling Co - to bring you the remarkable Whisky Cask Austraian. Gin. 


This premium, small-batch expression has spent over 12 months soaking up the juicy goodness of a Limeburners American oak barrel, imparting a stunning golden hue, and gentle caramelised oak and vanillin flavours.

This gin is ideally suited to being sipped neat, or with a large cube of ice or with a dash of bitters in an old fashioned style cocktail.

Using this special edition gin in a gin and tonic, one part gin to two parts premium Indian tonic, over ample ice and garnished with a bay leaf makes for a truly sensational drink.

Giniversity Whisky Cask Australian Gin 500mL 40%



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