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Like all of Chief's Son's 60% ABV whiskies, the massive quota of oils, esters and flavours lift this whisky into another league. Not only does the darker, denser or waxier whisky create uncompromising richness, the nose, taste and finish will transport you to far distant lands, swashbuckling days and high sea adventures.


Chief's Son Distillery's Sweet Peat is a modern, mild style of sweet, peated malt whisky. This truly unique whisky creates a sweet, silky, creamy drinking experience, with a beautifully long finish.


Add a touch of water to this whisky to really bring out the richness of the sweet malts and floral peat. All matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels.


On the nose, you'll find oily sweet tobacco, old oak and subtle peat, spirituous toffee with warm vanilla beans. On the palate ofsilky roasted malt, you'll enjoy sherry and buttery soft peat that sticks around with a long smooth finish of subtle peat, big oak and tobacco.

Chief's Son 900 Sweet Peat 700mL 60%

SKU: 7.44E+11


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