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Sourced from the same flagship 900 Standard barrels, at 60% abv this whisky retains a significantly larger proportion of the oils, esters and flavours derived from both the malts and the oak. This creates a darker, denser or waxier whisky, with significantly richer flavours.


This beautifully smooth, full bodied, warm rich red whisky bears the Standard whisky insignia and represents Chief's Son Distillery’s flagship single malt whisky.


It’s crafted from a base and a specialty malt, including a small percentage of peated malt to impart a deep caramel flavour, all matured in French oak ex-fortified barrels.


Strong aromas of baked stone fruits, raisons, dark vanilla and old oak, sherry and warm caramel with crisp toffee and sweet tobacco come with a taste explosion. On the palate, you're presented with a strong smooth mouthfeel and flavours of molasses with dark malts. sherry, rich cocoa, liquorice and brittle toffee. The finish is infinite, full of old oak and sherry. A powerful yet moreish fine whisky.

Chief's Son 900 Standard 700mL 60%

SKU: 7.47E+11


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