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Vermouth has a long and surreal history, on the fringes of apothecary, art and medicine. This vermouth has small though exacting measures of botanicals including wormwood, juniper, gentian, bay leaf, Cinchona bark, Seville orange, Meyer lemons, native limes, cumquats and orris root - most which were grown on the distillery's Yarra Valley vineyards that supply their winery Great Steps.


The small batch, craft infusion of botanicals are macerated separately in the fortifying spirit onto a biodynamic Viognier wine base. Keep chilled and pour over ice with a sliver of orange and a fresh bay leaf, or as a versatile accompaniment to craft spirits and cocktails.


The aromas are citrus and exotic spices, the palate tense and appetisingly bitter.

Causes & Cures Organic Semi Dry White Vermouth batch #4 750mL 17%



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