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Infused with native lemon-scented gum, native sunrise lime, Australian peach, and Roman chamomile, our Native Botanical Vodka is a truly Australian vodka that celebrates fantastic local flavours. Drawing on our years of experience making incredible botanical distillates, we have meticulously cold distilled our ingredients to draw out an irresistibly nuanced flavour profile.


Buoyant notes of candied lime peel, peach iced tea, elderflower, pink marshmallow and jasmine greet you on the nose, while wonderfully soft panettone, sweet lemon, ripe peach and mint reveal themselves after the first sip. Rounded out by a burst of sherbet and candied orange peel, Native Australian Vodka is made for those who value flavour, complexity and quality.


Created with the classic vodka and soda serve in mind, this spirit possesses a positive disposition that will elevate your favourite vodka drinks.

Archie Rose Native Botanical Vodka 700mL 40%



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