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What’s your whim? Say it with gin. 23rd Street Distillery Violet Gin is the mood ring of beverages. Transform the broody blues of Butterfly Pea flower to ultraviolet with tonic. A bouquet of heady Australian native botanicals including lemon myrtle, finger lime and pepper berry abounds. Express your spirit.

Distinctively Australian, artfully balanced. Fresh juniper, pine and lively citrus aromas precede a spicy warmth. On the palate, layers of intriguing flavour unfold, from familiar juniper to juicy finger lime, mellow wattle seed and lingering zesty and peppery spice.

To see the colour transformation unfold, add 30mL of Violet Gin to a glass with ice. Top with Bickford and Sons Tonic water and garnish with dehydrated orange & rosemary.

23rd Street Violet Gin 700mL 40%

SKU: 9 332 364 010892


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