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WORLD FIRST: Indoor Aussie Gin Pool

Sydneysiders have been curiously waiting to see what plans the Merivale Group have got in mind for the disused third floor of the Coogee Pavilion set on Sydney's iconic Coogee Beach.

For the past six months renovations have begun for the World’s first 25 meter indoor swimming pool filled with 100% Australian Gin sourced from Stone Pine Distillery in Bathurst New South Wales and McHenry Distillery in Port Arthur Tasmania.

(Pictured) Merivale owner Justin Hemmes and Nip of Courage owner Kathleen Davies came up with this novel idea 12 months ago at an Ivy Pool Party in Sydney's CBD over a couple of Martinis. Hemmes said, “I really wanted to take the idea and concept of Ivy Pool Bar to the next level and also help Australian Craft Distillers to gain more exposure”.

375,000 litres of Australian Gin was delivered to the Coogee Pavillion indoor swimming pool in several milk tankers that traveled directly from the two distilleries. The tankers took 10 hours all up to fill the 25 meter pool. Because of the 40% alcohol level of the gin, no chlorine is required. The pool has been fitted with a custom state of the art copper filtration system that filters the Aussie Gin at 200 litres per minute.

God Father of Australian Distilling Bill Lark has been invited to attend the first open day for media and VIP guests. “I can’t wait to get my kit off and swim around in the Aussie Gin, this will definitely highlight the presence of Australian Craft Spirits…it would be more expensive but perhaps we should get an indoor Tasmanian Whisky Pool or plunge pool going in Hobart too!”

Hemmes willingly tested the indoor pool for the first time last week at Merivale's secret staff launch party. Hemmes said that the feeling of swimming in a pool of Aussie Gin at 40% alcohol is a mind blowing experience and the aromas of juniper stay embed and stained in your skin and hair for up to 3 days.

Davies says that the health benefits are insane. The mixture of traditional and native botanicals combined with the juniper help to detoxify your body while swimming in this large volume of Aussie Gin. The only catch is that you need to close your eyes when submerging your head under the gin or the alcohol will obviously sting your eyes. The team at Merivale are providing special ‘Aussie Gin Goggles’ for swimmers to over come this hazard.

The activities for swimmers are imaginative and fun says Davies. One activity is called ‘Martini In Your Mouth’ You place a nip of Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth in your mouth with an Alto Olive and then you breast stroke across the pool with your mouth submerged and slightly open to mix your own Martini in your mouth as the name suggests.

Tickets to the Aussie Gin Pool will go on sale Saturday April 1st at 12:00pm AEST through Eventbrite and Nip of Courage. Hurry as bookings are essential for this unique experience, half day tickets will start at $469.00 AUD per person and full day tickets will start at $769.00 AUD per person. Drop by for a swim and help to Support Australian Craft Distillers.

Happy April Fools Day x


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