Women of Australian Distilling

Though women make up 46.5% of Australia’s workforce, some industry’s participation rates are considerably misrepresented. For example, there are 18 female distillers currently across Australia in comparison to the 300+ male distillers. This is not a fact exclusive to the distilling industry but also across what is seen to be 'traditionally male orientated' industries.

Image reference: Conrad Liveris (excluding Australian Distillers)

Despite these statistics depicting the female percentage to be small in Australian distilleries, that hasn’t stopped these women from creating high quality products and being pioneers in this landscape.

Within the Nip of Courage portfolio, we are lucky enough to represent two forging women Genise Hollingworth and Rachel Reed.

Genise is from Black Gate Distillery and started her career making their 40% and 51% rum whilst working full time at the local school in Mendooran. Her rum was a hit and it wasn’t until recently that Genise joined her husband, Brian, full-time in the distillery to continue making quality craft spirits.

Rachel Reed, alongside partner Hamish Nugent, were accomplished chefs before setting out to create an Australian Dry Gin that has traditional roots. They now not only have created ‘Remedy Gin’ but also have a distillery complete with a bar and coffee roastery, all whilst managing a young, growing family.

Female distillers are on the rise and acknowledging their accomplishments and supporting their future endeavours is crucial in the industry to keep and encourage more female creators.

Diversity is important to all industries. Women of Australian Distilling is a tribute to recognise the minority of female distillers across Australia in the hope that it will encourage and inspire more women to get involved in the distilling industry. Happy International Women’s Day from the team at Nip of Courage.

Australian Women in Distilling Association - AWDA

Founder Kristy Booth-Lark, formed the association last year to promote, encourage, support and celebrate like-minded women in the Australian distilling industry.

The association is for women looking to enter into the distilling community and the standards of best practice for the industry as a whole. It aims to encourage women to seek out opportunities within the distilling industry including employment, knowledge growth, up-skilling and networking. This year Kristy and the committee will organise female targeted workshops and forums that will share knowledge and insight about the industry.

If you would like more information or would like to join the association please email awdainfo@gmail.com

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