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Two Weeks In The Life Of Brooke Apps

Hello, my name is Brooke and I have just started in the Nip of Courage team! But before I tell you about my first two weeks, a little about me, at the end of 2020 I graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Communications and Media, with a double major in Global Media and Marketing and Advertising.

Today marks 2 weeks for me at Nip of Courage as a digital marketing and customer service assistant! So far, I have learnt a lot about the industry, the company, all of our distillers and had a lot of first’s! In my first few days, Kath showed me the ropes and I learnt all about how many different products are made, we went through Whisky's life from grain to new-make to barrel than a bottle and all the fun and different variations of Gin that are possible. During my first week, I had the pleasure of meeting some other members of the Nip of Courage team, like Roz, Lochie, Jarrod and Quynh. During these two weeks, we have ventured out and met some of the distillers, suppliers and customers who all help make this happen.

During Josh, the head distiller at Timboon’s visit from Victoria, we met up with Mr & Mrs Romance, faces I’m sure will be familiar to who spend a lot of time on the Nip of Courage socials. As a very special surprise, we were able to pay a visit to the new Archie Rose Distilling Co. facility at Botany. It was great to see all the things I was learning in practice and hear it all first hand from Lisa Truscott, one of the hard-working distillers at Archie Rose, for my first distillery tour the bar has been set pretty high. The day was topped off with a visit to the boutique bottle shop, Oak Barrel, another first! (Mum and Dad, I swear I worked too)

My second week was filled with more learning about, our systems, Women in Hospitality and the Drink Easy awards. I shot some behind scenes photos for the Drink Easy judges 2021 announcement photoshoot at the bottle shop P&V. I also was able to sit in on a meeting with Women in Hospitality to discuss all the exciting things coming this year (business meeting, another first!). I have been loving my time here, and am pumped to be on board for all the exciting new things that will be happening at Nip of Courage this year and also to be the friend who knows exactly what cocktail to get at the bar! (The one made with Aussie Craft Spirits, duh!)


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