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Timboon Whisky Toastie

Whisky, cheese and bacon toastie how can you go wrong? Warm comfort food that will send your taste buds into a spin - in a good way.


· 15ml Timboon Port Expression

· 2 slices of bread

· 2 slices of cheese

· 3 rashers of bacon

· 2 eggs

· Pinch of salt


1. Cook the three rashers of bacon in a frying pan.

2. Mix the pinch of slat, two eggs & Timboon Port Expression in a bowl.

3. Soak the two slices of bread in the egg and whisky bowl.

4. Place the soaked bread on a toastie with the cheese and the bacon.

5. Cook until crisp.

6. Enjoy with a neat dram of Timboon Port Expression.

Timboon Port Expression

- Single Malt Whisky -

44% | 500ml


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