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Supplier Review Scorecard with NOC Wholesale

We are excited to announce our new supplier review scorecard for all suppliers! A new initiative that will take off officially at the beginning of 2023, aiming to provide brands with useful feedback and suggestions to reach their full potential.

The process is as follows:

  • Supplier fills out a short form on their business with questions relating to: social media, marketing activities, sales, packaging and more.

  • The NOC Wholesale team then fills out the same form on the business and compares how both the supplier and NOC Wholesale rated elements of the business.

  • This is then set up in a spreadsheet and an overall score is calculated based on a set criteria with the comparisons shown between the supplier and NOC's ratings.

  • NOC Wholesale will then add any comments and suggestions to the spreadsheet that would be helpful for the supplier going forward based on knowledge gathered from the almost 200 distilleries that we work with.

  • A Zoom call will then be organised between NOC Wholesale and the supplier to discuss these suggestions and following the call, the extensive document will be sent to the supplier for future reference.

Kathleen has had over 30 years of experience in the liquor industry and 10 years of owning Nip of Courage. The team and herself work with almost 200 distilleries each day, therefore, understanding what can make or break a distillery both nationally and globally.

Kath says, "this type of scorecard process has been utilised by global companies for years to help develop emerging brands within their portfolios. We believe that this will be a mutually beneficial tool for both our business and distillery, and brand partners alike."

Nip of Courage and NOC Wholesale works with the largest range of Australian spirits globally, and is dedicated to providing feedback and suggestions that will be meaningful to a distillery.*

Ed Svehla from Banks & Solander Distillery has been involved with the trials and says that it's "very insightful. The feedback is constructive and helps us to identify opportunities where we can improve our business operations.”


If you are interested in engaging with this process, please click the link below!

Please note: expression of interests will be for a 2023 booking.

*Each supply partner with NOC Wholesale will receive 1 FREE review each year. Any suppliers that are not partners of NOC Wholesale can still enquire about the scorecard process. However, this will incur a fee.


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