Nip of Courage 2020 year in review

Geez Louise! 2020 - a year of ups and downs. The team at Nip of Courage didn't let bush-fires and pandemics get in the way of celebrating fantastic Australian distilleries and sharing delicious spirits with the world. Here are some of this year's highlights from our team:


1. 'The Community Spirit' volunteer bush-fire relief campaign - 'Discover a distillery road trip'

The Community Spirit was a collaboration between Nip of Courage and Spirits and Cocktails Australia. The project set out to support and promote Australian distillers impacted by the widespread bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020. There were two main elements of the project:

  1. Stock was bought from fire-affected distilleries at full retail value to provide financial assistance, especially to those forced to close their cellar doors due to immediate fire risk. This stock was then passed on to venues holding fire relief fundraising events - returning much needed funds to these fire-affected communities.

  2. We embarked on a road trip covering some 5,000km across Australia. 'Discover a Distillery Road Trip' highlighted the stories of Australian craft distillers and showcased the experiences on offer to draw local tourism back to their communities.

The project was a great success, bringing many small Australian craft distilleries into the spotlight. As borders begin to re-open, we hope that this project will continue to entice travelers to continue to 'discover a distillery' over the holiday period.


2. Women of Australian Distilling: International Women's Day

International Women's Day took place on Sunday the 8th of March 2020. Nip of Courage were proud to be involved with a fabulous celebration and congregation of Women of Australian Distilling.

The event, held at Bloodwood Restaurant in Newtown, highlighted the stories and achievements of a number of women within the industry including:

- Dervilla McGowan (Anther Spirits)

- Heather Tillott (Sullivans Cove Whisky)

- Melanie Sheard (Imbue Distillery)

- Claire Van Vuuren (Bloodwood)

- Julia Campbell (Women in Hospitality)

...and our very own Kathleen Davies.

The International Women's Day Lunch at Bloodwood featured local beer, wine, and spirits with the support of P&V Wine & Liquor and Philter Brewing. The food menu was curated by Claire Van Vuuren. It was bold, delicious, packed with flavour, and was inspired by the range of Australian spirits tasted on the day.


3. Uh oh, here comes COVID-19!

Covid-19 lock downs were not easy for anybody, including the team at Nip of Courage. We ended up losing 80% of our business revenue overnight due to venue closures nationally. Many of our team were forced to work from home for a number of weeks until a "Covid Safety Plan" could be implemented. We had to take a number of measures at the office and warehouse including temperature checks, socially-distanced work stations and meetings, signage, sanitiser, and a handful of Covid tests for good measure!


4. Hand painted bottled cocktails to support local venues