John Williamson’s True Blue tribute to Australian Craft Distillers

Kathleen Davies founder of Nip of Courage never dreamed that her low budget video with a jingle on Australian Craft Distillers would have ever caught the attention of someone as high profile as John Williamson.

“Out of the blue I received a call from John himself and he asked if I would like help with my campaign to build awareness for supporting Australian Craft Distillers. It is hard to describe John Williamson and his music without thinking that you have left something out or underrated his contribution and achievements to Australian music.” Davies exclaimed.

Williamson was gob smacked when he found out that Australian Craft Spirits represent less than 1% of the total spirits consumed in Australia.

Williamson offered to sing his iconic song ‘True Blue’ reworded to help communicate the struggles of the emerging Aussie Craft Spirits industry. Although Davies battles to hit the right notes, Williamson said that no one can match her passion for what she believes in, so he insisted that she must sing along in this version of ‘True Blue’.

We've been told by Williamson's agent that the verse changes should look something like this;


Hey True Blue, don't say you've gone

Say you've knocked off for a smoko

And you’ll be back la-ater on


Hey True Blue, you’ve worked ‘til dawn

I saw you knock off for a martini

And you’ll distill some wash la-ater on


Is it standin’ by your mate when he’s in a fight


Sharin’ a dram with Bill Lark on a Hobart flight