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How Do Aussie Craft Distillers Drink Gin?

With so many cocktails based around it, gin has to be the world’s most versatile spirit. But how are Aussie craft gin distillers drinking theirs? We ask 4 of the best for their gin tips.

From martinis and gimlets, aviations and corpse revivers to G&Ts, slings and the mighty long island iced tea, gin has a commanding role.

The problem is not all gins suit all cocktails. And with such an incredible range of Australian craft gins available to us at the moment, we’re suffering from that best of problems: the paradox of choice.

With so many gins to choose from, we end up feeling like we have no options at all.

To help with what I call ‘juniparalysis’, we’ve asked four of Australia’s best gin distillers for their insights into their favourite gins and how they like to drink them.

Chris Cameron - Naught Distillery, Melbourne, VIC

This always changes for me based on many things like my mood, the weather or the type of week I have had.

Right now I am loving our Sangiovese Gin; the 2022 vintage is unbelievably approachable and versatile. It has the amazing jammy finish with notes of cooked cherry and hints of strawberry.

I am enjoying it in a Charlie Chaplin a lot lately.

Ally Ayres - Karu Distillery, Blue Mountains, NSW

A favourite out of our gins? Different gins for different things.

Lightning Gin is my favourite gin-and-tonic gin, garnished with pineapple and chilli….flawless!

As for cocktails, Affinity Gin owns my heart. I love that it has botanicals in the botanical bill that you can feature and amplify.

Ian Glen - Stone Pine Distillery, Bathurst, NSW

Being a fuddy-duddy Brit from way back, I usually gravitate to our Original Dry Gin (London Dry style), with ice, Indian tonic water and a slice of lime. Nothing too fancy!

Ed Svehla - Banks and Solander Distillery, Botany, NSW

I love our Signature Gin – I was the number one taste tester, so it makes sense that I love it!

I really enjoy it in a martini with a twist, but its also very refreshing in a G&T with Fevertree’s Elderflower Tonic.

Or add equal parts of our Signature Gin and Limoncello and top with soda…. Delicious.


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