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2021 Year In Review

What a year it has been! Like every other business in this climate we have battled our way through many lock-downs and navigated our way through a minefield of operational rules and regulations while doing our best to support our distillery and distributor partners. Here are some of this year's highlights that we would like look back on and share with you…


1. Spirits Business Ethical Award

This year we proudly received our award from The Spirits Business Awards for ethical contributions to the spirits industry for the Community Spirit Project we completed in 2020 in collaboration with ‘Spirits & Cocktails Australia’ that reached out to help distilleries affected by the 2020 bush fires. It was such an honour to receive this award and we are very proud of all that the Community Spirit Project was able to achieve. Special thanks to Phoebe Scutts who worked tirelessly behind the scenes on the production of the 10 videos for the project.


2. International Women’s Day

Our International Women’s Day lunch took place on the 7th March 2021 at Bloodwood Newtown. Nip of Courage were proud to be involved with a celebration for 'Women of Australian Distilling'.

This year’s event highlighted the stories and achievements of a number of women within the industry including:

- Alarna Doherty - Tara Distillery

- Ally Ayres - Karu Distillery

- Carla Daunton - Young Henrys

- Lisa Trustcott - Archie Rose

- Claire Van Vuuren - Bloodwood

- Julia Campbell - Women in Hospitality

...and our very own Kathleen Davies.

The International Women's Day Lunch at Bloodwood featured local beer, wine, and spirits with the support of P&V Wine & Liquor and Philter Brewing. The food menu was curated by Claire Van Vuuren. It was bold, delicious, packed with flavour, and was inspired by the range of Australian spirits tasted on the day.

Stay tuned for the 2022 event....Tickets on sale now!


3. Launching NOC Wholesale

July 2021 saw the official launch of NOC Wholesale. Our new wholesale division provides warehousing and logistic solutions exclusively for Aussie Craft Spirit producers. There are currently over 600 lines available to trade and consumers. NOC Wholesale is a one stop shop for Aussie Craft Spirits! This model is the first of its kind in Australia and has been backed the Australian Federal Government through the Boosting Female Founders Grant.

At the end of 2022 Nip of Courage will have invested over one million dollars into the development of the industry. The team is excited that we have the opportunity to make Australian Craft Spirits more accessible to trade and consumers.


4. 1992 Mini Mag

In partnership with the launch of NOC Wholesale we also released our portfolio/magazine ‘1992’. We chose the name '1992' to acknowledge the long and storied history of distilling in Australia. In the year 1992, Bill Lark lobbied his local parliament member to change laws dating back to the 1900s. These changes allowed for smaller distillers to exist and produce, including his own: Lark Distillery. In ‘1992’ we feature stories about the past and present of distilling in Australia. ‘1992’ also doubles as our portfolio and the second half showcases all of our products (keep an eye out for volume 2 next year!)


5. A Gin With A Cause

November this year, Timboon Railway Shed Distillery released a limited edition Gin, called Ruby Seven Gin! This is a great gin with an even greater story behind it! It all started when Josh, head distiller of Timboon, met Ruby Seven owner, Leah, at a friend's wedding and learnt of the challenges she faces living with the rare disorder 'Friedreich Ataxia'. Friedreich Ataxia is a debilitating, life shortening degenerative neuro-muscular disorder, which affects about 1 in 30,000 people in Australia and New Zealand. Currently there is no cure for the disorder. After Josh met Leah, he decided he wanted to work with her and collaborate on a product that celebrated her and helped raise the profile of the disease. He decided, after six months of working on the gin, to name it 'Ruby Seven' after Leah's spill-proof, disability inclusive cups in recognition of her involvement.

$7 from each and every bottle sold will go to Fara Australia, a not-for-profit that supports research looking to find a cure for Friedreich Ataxia.


6. Double Vaxxed Crew

Continuing Covid lock-downs were not easy for anyone again this year. We implemented a ‘Covid Safety Plan’ to ensure the wheels could keep turning in the business. Everyone is double vaxxed and planning next steps for booster shots.

We appreciate your ongoing support with us during this unprecedented time so we can continue to deliver you Aussie Craft Spirits.


7. Gladys Inspires Our Negroni Range

During lockdown, we expanded our negroni range with limited edition designs, inspired by real life events. When former premier Gladys Berejiklian declared September 13th ‘Picnic Day’ it inspired us to create ‘Gladys' Picnic Negroni’, a bottled cocktail that pairs perfectly with an outdoor gathering. Getting our friends in Vic in on the fun, 'Dan’s Egg and Spoon Negroni' soon followed, along with the ‘Freedom Negroni’ once lockdowns lifted and more recently, the ‘All I Want for Christmas Negroni’.


8. Getting Romantic

How about our wonderful guest writers Jimmy and Christina Butcher from travel and lifestyle site Mr & Mrs Romance - Aren't they amazing! Every week without fail Jimmy and Christina have shared an experience about their journey of learning about Aussie craft spirits. They have covered everything from taste testing spirits, creating cocktails at home, interviewing distillers, and learning all about the history of spirits. We are thrilled to announce that Jimmy and Christina have signed on with us again as our weekly guest writers in 2022!!!


9. Newbies

This year we welcomed the following team members from left to right: Kendell Gleeson, Brooke Apps and Isaiah Rizza.

At the heart of our accomplishments are the enthusiastic individuals who work at Nip of Courage. Individuals who are inspired to take hold of opportunities, develop and innovate, collaborate as a small team and think outside the box.


10. Rozzie is back!

This year, everyone’s favourite Nip of Courage team member, Roz returned from maternity leave. Roz was back in the saddle in February and helped welcome all the new team members. We are happy to have you back Rozzie and we are glad you and the boys Ryder and Kai are happy and healthy!


11. Nip of Courage Merch

2021 also saw the launch of our new merchandise range! Designed in collaboration with Blue Valentine of 'Bad Bartender'. Our ‘Drink Aussie Spirits’ hoodies, feature Blue's interpretation of angel’s share. 'Angel's share' is a nickname for the amount of distilled spirits lost to evaporation during the ageing process in wooden barrels. It was important to us to employ the work of a passionate industry artist and bartender because we all know how tough 2020 / 2021 was on both the arts and hospitality communities. Please get behind 'Bad Bartender' aka Blue Valentine she is so talented!


12. A Few Words From Our Fearless Leader

"To our family, friends, industry colleagues, customers and distillers, the Nip of Courage team would like to thank you for your generous support and friendship during what has been another difficult year for our industry.

Thank you to my wonderful team for leading with passion and continuing to build an inspiring team culture.

A special shout out to EVERYONE in Victoria, you are bloody legends with the most tenacious attitude that this country has ever seen!

Everyone reading this please continue to make choices to support our hospitality family, local distilleries and small businesses next year and let's raise our glass to good health and better times ahead."

- Kathleen Davies | Founder



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