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This ruby-red gin is a delicious super tasty crowd pleaser & oh so smooth. Serve neat over ice or with ginger ale, ginger beer, tonic or soda water. They have not yet found a mixer that this gin is not delightful with! It also makes a great hibiscus sour cocktail known as the 'Gin & Jam' cocktail.


Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. distill this gin with loads of fresh pink ginger from Queensland and their high altitude juniper from the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria. Madagascan vanilla, Australian coriander seed & Cardamom from India round off the botanicals. This creates a warming super smooth spirit with a huge depth of flavour. They then proof this down to 40% ABV with cold pressed wild hibiscus flower juice from their plantations in Malaysia and spring water from the farm at Kurrajong Heights.


With the tart raspberry rhubarb flavour of Wild Hibiscus Flowers and a rich undertone of Queensland ginger and juniper this gin is unique and intense.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Gin with Ginger 750mL 40%



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