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Hand made in small batches, Spencers Vodka is uniquely made with premium golden sweet potatoes, cultivated in rich volcanic soils on the Spencer family farms in Bundaberg, Australia. In the spirit of farm sustainable diversity, and food waste reduction, the extra-large sweet potatoes used for distillation, whilst perfect, are too large to meet retail industry specifications.


Only the best, extra-large golden sweet potatoes are selected for distillation, with locally sourced pure mountain water. This combination of the finest Australian ingredients, cultivated and captured from field to bottle and crafted with traditional artisan distilling techniques, creates a velvety and pure, first-class vodka.


A clean, clear, and colourless spirit, Spencers Vodka contains no additives and is naturally gluten free. Velvety and silky smooth with a creamy finish, and a hint of sweet spice. Best enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in your favourite vodka cocktail.

Spencers Vodka 700mL 40%



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