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Born of the forest and distilled with a unique blend of botanicals, including the mystical mandrake root, this premium addition to the Nosferatu Distillery Gin Suite is the stuff of legend. Imminent death awaits those who hear its scream. Beware of the root. Beware of the cry. Mandrake Cucumber & Mint Gin has arrived.

The mandrake root, or 'Mandragora Officiarum', is a thing of danger and mischief. As folklore would have it, the mandrake root screams when pulled from the ground, killing anyone unfortunate enough to hear its cries. When ingested, it is said to excite delirium and madness. But, hey, who believes in folklore?

Taking inspiration from this tale, steeped in mystery and legend, Nosferatu’s small batch Mandrake Cucumber & Mint Gin melds Albanian juniper with cucumber, mint, coriander seed and liquorice root. We have taken all the bad stuff out and left the good stuff in.

The Juniper berries, coriander seed, grains of paradise and green cardamom are milled by hand using a grain mill which pre-dates the Australian Constitution.

The distillation is done slowly over the course of several hours to ensure that no unpleasant characters make it into the final spirit. The cucumber and mint are infused post distillation as they have very delicate aromas and flavours, so they aren't boiled as this would generate a vegetal and unpleasant, pungent character.

The final spirit is cut to 40.4% using soft Victorian water and filtered to achieve brilliant clarity. A natural colouring is used to give Mandrake it’s green hue.

Nosferatu’s aim was for a soft, fresh cucumber richness and a “clapped” mint character, like a garnish in a cocktail and our Mandrake Cucumber and Mint Gin is just that.

Nosferatu Distillery Mandrake Cucumber and Mint Gin 700mL 40.04%



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