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Gently smoked with peat sourced from near the Valley of the Giants, Limeburners Peated is a true representation of uniquely Australian peat-smoked single malt. You will never taste another peated whisky the same as this, anywhere in the world.


One clever reason Cameron selected Albany as the birthplace for Limeburners Whisky was its proximity to this truly rare and delightful Australian peat.


Peat from near the Valley of the Giants in Walpole is collected by hand, before burning in a peat smoker located at the Albany distillery and then using it to smoke premium malted Great Southern barley.


The result is a smoke-infused single malt, with flavours of charred marshmallow, gentle spices and toasted cereal.


As each barrel will exhibit its own unique characteristics, creating slight variation from barrel to barrel, the distillery utilise a solera system whereby several casks are emptied to a large holding tank and left to marry. Half of the blended batch is then sent for filtering and bottling, and the remaining half is retained and the blending tank is topped up with new barrels. Adopting this approach ensures there is a consistency of our products from batch to batch.


The average age of this product is 5 to 8 years.

Limeburners Peated Whisky 700mL 48%



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