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Apothecary Gin is produced using 10 different botanicals that are each individually distilled in a small copper pot still then married together to create the perfectly balanced dry style Tasmanian gin. This gives greater control and consistency over each botanical and each batch.


The main botanicals are juniper, coriander, several different types of citrus and some native Australian botanicals that deliver delicate floral and citrus aromas and a well-balanced palate with a full mouth feel. It’s backed up with a gentle hit of juniper that lasts on the palate a long time.


Excellent on its own, this gin also works beautifully as a G&T, but also with a splash of citrus juice - especially ruby grapefruit - or in a wide range of cocktails, from martinis to negronis.

Killara Apothecary Gin 500mL 40%



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